10 Essential T-Shirt Every Man Should Know

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From the ones behind your favorite undershirt to the ones that make a version you can rock with a suit.

We're living through historic times for the T-shirt. The basic tee, once imbued so indelibly with ties to the counter-culture courtesy of associations with on-screen badasses like Brando and Dean, is now so innocuous it's downright mainstream. These days, you could even say the T-shirt has become the de facto building block of the everyday outfit, long since replacing stuffier counterparts like the collared shirt, let alone (*checks notes*) the suit. All of which means there have never been more options to choose from. And while we're ever-thankful for the variety, it can sure get a little overwhelming.

Luckily for you, we sifted through the nearly endless supply of T-shirts available now to track down the 16 brands responsible for our favorites, with the recommendation that if you happen to find a style you dig, you stock up on it—and fast. From tees that are cut cropped and boxy, to tees that are longer and trim throughout the body, to tees that cling to your torso in exactly the way you want them to, we cover 'em all. And if you're looking for an ultra-sturdy option, or an option made out of super-soft cotton, or something you could work out in, or a tee studiously crafted out of some of the most sustainable materials on the planet, we got them too.

Scroll through below to find the right one for you, and then wear yours with literally every single piece in your closet.

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